The Value and Potential of Employee Benefits

Finding the hidden gem in a wide field of potential employees is a particular skill of HR professionals, but how do you unlock the potential hidden within each of your employees? When people are fulfilled and less worried about basic human needs, they can spread their wings and truly allow their talents to take flight.  

Employee benefits are often considered the “make or break” decision between whether or not tomorrow’s superstar elects to join your organization, but it’s important to keep in mind the value current staff members derive from their employee benefits. See how you can leverage employee benefits to boost morale and supercharge business results. 



Give your employees multiple training opportunities 

Top of mind when it comes to benefits is opportunities for professional and learning advancements. Your employees should not feel stagnant in their position and should be given multiple opportunities to grow. Training opportunities aren’t always found in the guise of expensive or advanced degrees—providing your employees with training opportunities could be as simple as getting paid to attend a seminar that will help employees move to the next level of their career or gain a new skillset.  



Ask your employees about their benefits preferences 

Employee benefits go beyond having sick, personal, or vacation days. Your employee benefits should be thoughtfully considered to ensure you are hitting the right balance between value to staff members and cost to the organization. Sometimes, the items most precious to staff members are not costly to the organization—which is why it’s important to stay in close communication with staff members to understand their needs and wants. 



Be transparent and open with your employees 

When your employees trust you have their best interests at heart, they’re more likely to share their needs and desires openly and honestly with you. This starts with ensuring they have an understanding of the benefits your organization already offers (and which benefits may or may not be discontinued in the future). Maintaining these clear lines of communication allows you to make thoughtful recommendations for plan changes and improves the possibility of acceptance. 

Employees appreciate tools and tips to help them get the most out of their benefits. This could be anything from a simple worksheet that helps them estimate their annual healthcare costs to a detailed explanation of benefits changes leading up to open enrollment. What is most important is that communication lines remain clear — and trust stays intact on both sides of the relationship. 

Creating an exceptional employee experience starts early by welcoming them and providing clear and consistent communication around their benefits and the value involved with working for your organization.  

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